Small Business Owners: Low Cost Marketing Strategies to Increase Profits

Anyone on the streets, round the corner or even a mile away can, only with a couple of clicks on their ‘smart phones’, instantly find out about the services and goods your business offers. This new possibility naturally increases the on-foot traffic to your store and also encourages impulsive buying. Being published on online business directories allow anyone in the city to find your goods and services.

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Social media

Local social media marketing is a form of direct marketing; your promotional material reaches out to real potential customers who are already making an effort to find you. Your promotional material is delivered electronically and on demand. It is, in comparison, an eco-friendly form of advertising as there is no hard copy paper wastage involved.
How do Businesses use Local Marketing?

Business register themselves on local marketing feature of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc, and on Business directory websites such as yelp to gain online visibility. It’s important to fill the business profile on such websites carefully.

Search engine optimization

Some companies opt for professional search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites. The importance of (SEO) is only to rise in the near future for not only would the website require to be indexed properly so they may be found within the general internet top search engines but would soon also require to be found by physical, geographic, location as well.

Another way businesses are using social media and location based marketing is to engage with their customers. Applications like Twitter allow building an intimidate relationship with customers. They act as an online mouthpiece where a store may talk of a new product launch or an art gallery may speak of a special event. And make sure customers can find you by installing a store locator widget, which shows all of your locations on a map.

One way that you will find to come in handy is to make sure that you are not entering into a market that has so many people selling the product that you are not going to succeed. A great example of this would be if you are opening up a new video game store you will be competing against quite a few of the major box stores you might have trouble succeeding and could end up having to close down. So make sure you do your market research to ensure that you are not going to be entering into a market that has to many businesses already dealing in the job at hand.


You are going to want to ensure that your location is going to be visible for people to find. By making sure that your location is visible you will find that you might draw more foot traffic or drive by traffic. So the location can make a huge difference in if your business is going to succeed or not.

Another concern will be the size of the location that you are going to need. If you think about how large of a storage room your going to need and the retail space as well you will be able to determine how large of a space you need. By keeping your space needs smaller the cost each month will be lower on you.

Employees could be a concern as well for you when you just start out. This can be a concern because it could add in some immediate over head before you even start out. Because you are going to need to train your employees prior to opening you will need to have enough money to absorb that cost prior to opening your door.

While starting a small business is a fun thing to do it can also increase your stress levels. However, if you have some tips to help you out the amount of stress that you are going to be having will be reduced and you can get back to enjoying yourself even more while running your business.